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I am passionate about Photography, and learning never stops for me.  Ever since I picked up my first camera, I have always pushed myself to take that next better shot. And trying to ingest, what every Awesome Photographer out there has to say, or show.

The intent of this website is to share my learnings and inform you about the various photography techniques, products, and services. And learn from you in the process as well. The technical aspect of photography is fairly easy to comprehend, but the ‘art of seeing’ comes with dedication and time. Stay connected, and together we shall explore the depth of this medium.

When I was looking for answers and dipped my head online, I was fascinated by the enormous power of the INTERNET and the vast amount of information flying out there every millisecond. For sure, It becomes intimidating and overwhelming at times when we are looking for something specific.

I make a humble effort here, to capture the gist, share my experience, my story, and present it to you. Please let me know if your visit inspired you and nudged you in the right direction. Your feedback is much appreciated and will help improve the content.

Thank you for visiting Photoseekr.

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