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On a summer day at little Havana, Miami

I visited Miami in May 2014. I was carrying my first ever DSLR back then; Nikon D7000 with the kit 18-140 mm lens. Traveling with friends, I was super excited to be there. Miami,

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18 night photography tips and techniques for beginners

Taking photos at night is often something that photographers avoid, because of some of the unique challenges it presents. I will share some night photography tips and techniques for beginners so that you are

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10 Best digital cameras for beginners in 2018

With technological advancement, digital cameras are getting sophisticated each year. To help you pick up the perfect camera for yourself,  I have put together a list of ten best digital cameras for beginners available

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Portrait photography tips and techniques for beginners

When I got my first DSLR camera, I was interested in taking portraits of my family and friends. I didn’t know where to start, so I had to conduct research to find out the

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How to take pictures of Northern lights

With the advent of winter, are you planning to take that trip up north and catch the stunning light show up in the sky? Well yes, I am talking about Aurora Borealis or the northern lights

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Digital photography basics for beginners

Did you just buy your first DSLR camera? Or did you get that as a gift from a loved one? Well, now that it’s in your hand, are you wondering how to use this

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How to photograph the moon using DSLR camera

Let’s confess. We are all guilty of being enchanted by those millions of shimmering celestial objects, up in the night sky. Moon being the closest, gets most of our attention. Countless stories and images of

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How to blur the background of photos

Have you wished your photos to have that soft creamy background, that you see in magazines? Gives that three-dimensional look to an image. The buttery smooth background makes your subject pop out of that

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About me

Hi There Thank you for your visit. It’s a pleasure to have you. I am passionate about Photography, and learning never stops for me.  Ever since I picked up my first camera, I have

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